The Summer of the Osprey by Elisabeth Ogilvie

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I love Elisabeth Ogilvie’s novels. And that’s a good thing because she wrote 46 books! Ogilvie grew up in the greater Boston area and lived in Maine from 1944 until her death in 2006. She will always be one of our most beloved writers. So we have to thank Down East Books for recently publishing a new paperback edition of Ogilvie’s novel, The Summer of the Osprey.

I’m pretty sure I had never read this one, although I have read many of Ogilvie’s wonderful novels. This story is set on Bennett’s island where a mysterious and wealthy man buys property, arrives with a very expensive lobster boat, and sneaks a beautiful young woman into his house.

Maine Life in a Day by Susan Conley

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If you love Maine, and who doesn’t, then you will love Maine Life in a Day, published by Down East Books. Susan Conley did a superb job of pulling together many wonderful photographs that will entertain and inspire you.

Susan grew up in Woolwich, Maine in the 1970s and offers a great story about that in the introduction. “Up and down our small stretch of the Kennebec River, our neighbors canned tomatoes and fed chickens and made it up as they went. Maine was big and forgiving enough for people to reinvent themselves like this back then. It still is.”

Fisheries biologists criticize stocking of Portage Lake

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 A proposal by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to stock Portage Lake has drawn criticism from some of the department’s fisheries biologists, a very unusual situation. Normally these biologists avoid criticizing each other’s plans.

Here’s the proposal as described by the department:

History of Conservation in Maine

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 Lloyd Irland of Wayne writes great articles on lots of interesting subjects, from the forest to conservation lands. And his recent power point presentation on the history of conservation in Maine has to be one of his best ever.

You can access Lloyd's article here.


Italy comes to Waterville

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          This is going to save us a lot of money. We no longer have to travel to Italy to enjoy that country. Jennifer Bergeron and Jonathan Rosenbloom have brought Italy to Maine, with a great new restaurant in Waterville.

          Late last year Jennifer purchased Napoli’s Market, and has now added their restaurant, Itali-ah. Jennifer says the name demonstrates that they are Italian, but with a Maine accent.

Recommendations to improve Maine’s fish and wildlife management were ignored

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           Now that the regular firearm season on deer has ended, and knowing that we all value and enjoy all of Maine’s wildlife, I want to look back to some recommendations that were issued in 2001 to secure the future of Maine’s wildlife and fish.

          A citizens advisory committee, chaired by then state representative Matt Dunlap, included an outstanding array of the state’s leaders. The legislature created the committee due to concerns about the long-term survival of our fish and wildlife heritage.

Uses for Mooses by Paul Cyr

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 I’m a fan of Paul Cyr’s photography, and his new book, Uses for Mooses, published by Down East Books, demonstrates why.

The moose photos in this book are amazing. And the book is also a fun read, with lots of humorous comments to go with the photographs. For example, there’s a photo of a cow and two calves, staring at us, with the cow telling her calves, “Act natural. The humans are staring at us again.” There’s a fabulous photo of two bulls fighting, with the caption, “Swing your partner round and round.”

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