Wait ‘til you see this gorgeous sea glass!

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 Linda and I in joy searching for sea glass, which we have done from the beaches of Lubec and Campobello to the small beach in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy.

So we were very pleased to discover a new book, Sea Glass – Rare and Wonderful by C.S. Lambert, with beautiful photographs by Tina Lam.

Great news for Augusta's Water Street

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          Cushnoc Brewing and Circa 1885 are great news for August’s downtown Water Street. Both are wonderful places to gather with friends, so we invited our friends Robyn and Rocko Graziano to join us.

Charr Poster Draws Strong Support

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 Our new advocacy group for native fisheries has created a great poster that will be placed on all of Maine’s Arctic charr waters. And I am very pleased that the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine are our partners in this important project.

As Francis Brautigam, DIF&W’s Fisheries Division Director, told me, “The Department places a high priority on the conservation of Maine’s native Arctic charr populations; the signage will increase public awareness of this special resource.”

A great story about teaching grandchildren to love outdoor adventures

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 Bob Mercer has written a wonderful column about teaching his grandchildren to fish and enjoy other outdoor advetures. I will share his story with you today. I really enjoyed this Bob’s story and have had similar experiences with my grandchildren, particularly up at our camp on Sourdnahunk Lake on the west side of Baxter Park. The photo with this column is my grandson Vishal who is my fishing buddy.

My books would make great Christmas presents

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 In addition to writing a variety of regular columns for Maine newspapers, websites, and newsletters, I’ve written four books.

A Life Lived Outdoors

Brian Deese tells it like it is on climate change and energy

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                    Brian Deese knows climate change, conservation, and energy policies. I found his recent speech in Portland to be fascinating.

          The event was sponsored by Maine Conservation Voters, and is the place I received the Harrison Richardson Environmental Leadership Award. It was a big crowd, nearly 500 people, and Brian was the keynote speaker.

          Brian was President Barack Obama’s senior advisor on climate, conservation, and energy policies. His speech was both inspiring and educational.

Please help me establish the Ezra Smith Wildlife Conservation Area.

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           Today, I am hoping you will join me in a new project: the donation of my 150 acre woodlot in Mt. Vernon to the Kennebec Land Trust. KLT does a fantastic job in my area, and Linda and I enjoy many of their managed lands.

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