New book features a lifetime of hunting and fishing stories

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 My hunting and fishing heritage and experiences have been very important parts of my life, which makes it very exciting to announce the publication of my new book, A Lifetime of Hunting & Fishing, published by North Country Press.

Subtitled The Ones That Got Away and the Ones That Didn’t, the front cover features a photo of me and my Dad with the last turkey we got before he passed away. There are lot of stories in the book about my days hunting and fishing with Dad.

The book is a collection of stories written over the last 30 years about my lifetime of hunting and fishing in Maine, plus hunting and fishing adventures in Labrador, Quebec, Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska.

Moose’s flies all settled on me!

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 More true tales from Camp Phoenix. In this column, we’ll talk moose.

In August, you could expect to see as many as 10 moose in Little Sourdnahunk Lake, eating the water plants. They would wade into the lake, then dip their heads under water to feast on the plants.

We would often hike from Big to Little Sourdnahunk, where Camp Phoenix keeps a couple of canoes, and then canoe the lake, enjoying the moose.

Moose Flies

Let's Do Lunch - in Greenville, Winthrop, and Bangor

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 Stress Free Moose Pub, Greenville


          George – Enroute to our north woods camp, traveling down the street in Greenville looking for lunch, the Stress Free Moose Pub and Café stood out, both for the number of vehicles in the parking lot and the beautiful building. Stepping inside to check out the menu, we were astonished by the interior walls, featuring the open ends of logs.

Mapping Murder by William D. Andrews

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 I’d been eagerly awaiting the third novel by William Andrews, and was delighted when it was published this year. Mapping Murder once again features Julie Williamson, director of the Ryland Historical Society, in a small western Maine town. Julie turns out to be a relentless and effective solver of crimes.

In this novel, valuable artifacts are stolen from several museums, and one director ends up being shot and killed. William’s friends at the Bethel Historical Society, a wonderful place, gave him the opportunity to learn about historical institutions and the important role they play in the life of a small community.

Having gotten to know William’s characters, I was delighted to get them back for another intriguing whodunit. The info on the back of the book indicates it “is sure to keep you up reading all night.” Well, I’m too old to stay up all night, but I did stay up much later than usual to finish this compelling read.

One Man’s Maine by Jim Krosschell

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 Jim Krosschell’s book, One Man’s Maine, is both thoughtful and provocative. Published by Green Writers Press, a Vermont based publisher whose mission is to spread a message of hope and renewal, the book is all of that.

Jim’s “from away” with a home in Owls Head, and he’s a very strong environmentalist. I most enjoyed his chapters on Maine’s wild critters, from moose and deer to yellow finches and crabs. While he is critical of moose hunters, I forgive him for that. Having never hunted, he doesn’t really understand that hunting is not all about killing.

Jim has a unique way of expressing his appreciation for our state, from moss and lichen on a mountaintop to rockweed in the ocean, and he has strong feelings for our wild places.

Here’s a good example from his chapter titled “Human Natures.”

This writer has captured Maine

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 I just discovered a wonderful Maine writer. Lew-Ellyn Hughes isn’t exactly a hidden gem, because she’s been writing a column, Away with Words, for western Maine’s The Original Irregular, for many years. And she’s won many Maine Press Association awards for those columns.

But I didn’t know about her until I read a review by Bill Bushnell of her new book, Maine Stories, published by Maine Authors Publishing in Thomaston. I was intrigued and promptly ordered up a copy of the book. And now I know why she’s so popular and has won awards.

Maine Stories are just that, great stories about our state and people. Lew-Ellyn has a very entertaining way of writing her stories, often in the first person. Many of the stories are humerous. She covers it all, from bugs to grandchildren. There’s even a story about how she could not come up with a story for that week’s column.  I also enjoyed her column about her collection of old Maine books – something I’ve done too.

Stunning photos and great stories about loons

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 There is something very special about loons, and photographer Nick Leadley has captured that specialness in a spectacular way. In his book, Gavia – Tales from Loon Country, Nick gives us dozens of stunning photos of loons, and dozens of stories about loons submitted by folks all over the state.

As Harry Vogel, Executive Director of The Loon Preservation Committee in New Hampshire, notes in the Foreword, “Science and magic combine in loons as in no other animal.”

Nick has experienced photographic adventures all around the world, but says one of his very favorite places is the western Maine mountains where he spends his summers running a gallery in Rangeley, leading bird walks, moose photography outings, and more.

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