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Lucerne Inn - Switzerland in Maine!

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The Lucerne Inn was established in 1800, ten years after our Mount Vernon home. We’re suckers for old places.

We’ve driven by this magnificent inn hundreds of times on our way Down East, but never stopped. We won’t make that mistake again.

Fifteen minutes east of Bangor, this is a good place to stay if you’ve got business or an event in the twin cities, but it’s an even better destination for a special getaway or celebration.

Some of the inn’s first guests, in the early 1800s, named the inn because its astonishing view of Phillips Lake and Bald Mountain reminded them of Lucerne, Switzerland. We’ve visited Lucerne, Switzerland, and they were right!

Twin Pine Camps Tops in Maine's North Woods

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Snow-covered Mount Katahdin is hard to ignore, right there across Millinocket Lake from our perch in the River Driver’s Restaurant. There’s no prettier dining spot in Maine.

The restaurant is at Twin Pine Camps, part of Matt and Wendy Polstein’s New England Outdoor Center, a North Woods destination offering a range of accommodations and great food. Combining amazing outdoor adventures in all seasons with fine dining and luxurious accommodations, Matt and Wendy have created the type of facility you would more commonly associate with Maine’s thriving coastal tourism industry.

The only difference is that they have created their dream destination ten miles west of Millinocket – the perfect location if you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do.

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Having Fun at Portland's Hot Suppa!

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There’s one key ingredient not in the food that makes a restaurant special:  Fun. And we had a lot of that at Portland’s Hot Suppa.

Our friend Rusty Atwood recommended brothers Alec and Moses Sabina’s small 40-seat restaurant, and we owe him big time now. This is a very special experience.

Located at 703 Congress Street in the west end, Hot Suppa is a popular breakfast and lunch place, and we originally planned to eat lunch there. But after taking a look at their dinner menu, we changed our mind. And we are so glad we did.

Everything's Big at Winslow's Big G's Deli

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At Winslow restaurant Big G’s, the G stands for great food. The Big stands for, well BIG!

It’s always fun to find a unique restaurant that marches to a different food drummer. Gerry Michaud has created a deliciously fun place.

Founded by Gerry and his business partner Jerry Gerard in 1986, Big G’s has grown from a small shop serving 16 sandwiches to a 200 seat restaurant  with 30 employees and an astonishing menu including tacos, pasta dishes, soups, and their signature sandwiches, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, 6 am to 7 pm.

Valentine's Day Calls for Pampering

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Cape Elizabeth
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Your valentine deserves pampering and nothing defines the experience like a spa treatment. While Valentines Day occurs on a Tuesday this year, we recommend that you schedule a visit for your favorite person to a nearby spa the previous weekend. That will guarantee you a Terrific Tuesday on February 14!

Two of our favorite spas are located at the Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth and the Senator Inn and Spa in Augusta. If you include an overnight and dinner at one of these Inns, well, you’ll give your valentine a gift that he or she will never forget.

And, perhaps best of all, you can join your valentine for a very special experience! Yes, our Valentine’s Day gift includes you!

Cape Elizabeth's Inn by the Sea is a Dream Destination

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Cape Elizabeth
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We could live at Cape Elizabeth’s Inn by the Sea, in a two-story suite with amazing ocean views, taking our meals at the world-class Sea Glass Restaurant, walking daily on Crescent Beach right in front of the Inn, birdwatching in the surrounding gardens, enjoying daily treatments in the luxurious spa.

 Whoops! Time to wake up from that dream!

While none of us will ever live this dream year-round, a brief visit to this dream location is possible – and we guarantee it’s an experience you will store in your memory bank and haul out often.

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Find Italy in Downtown Waterville at Amici's Cucina

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The sense that we were in Italy overtook us shortly after we were seated at Amici’s Cuchina on Waterville’s Main Street. Well, perhaps with the exception that everyone was speaking English.

Mary and Angelo Carpinito have worked in the restaurant business for decades, but this is the first place they opened and operated on their own and they’ve hit a home run their first time up at the plate.

If you are looking for an authentic Italian dining experience, this is the place. We talked with two couples that night that have been to Italy several times and agreed with us on this.

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