If you are worried about Lyme disease, you must read this article

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Susan Shea has published a very informative and important article about deer ticks and Lyme disease in the latest Northern Woodlands newsletter.

I sure didn’t know that female ticks lay up to 3,000 eggs! Yikes!

Shea is a naturalist, conservationist, and freelance writer who lives in Brookfield, Vermont.

She reports that “the reasons for the increase in Lyme disease are many. Climate change is probably part of it. Milder winters have allowed ticks to expand their range and emerge earlier in the spring, as well as leading to a surge in the deer and mouse populations that feed them. Forest fragmentation has contributed to an increase in mice, which thrive in small patches of woodland, while their predators need larger forests to survive.

In her article, you’ll learn a lot about the life-cycle of ticks, and some research that may give us a way to kill them.

You can read this important article here.

Thank you Susan!

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