I’ll bet you don’t know what gleaning is

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You may not know what gleaning is, but you’ll want to participate in Maine gleaning day, just one of the many interesting and exciting projects in the new  fall edition of the Sustainable Maine quarterly newsletter, a project of the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

In the newsletter, which you can access here, you’ll read about the state’s effort to nip nips, and a foam and bagging initiative in Belfast. I was very impressed with the report on a group of 30 stakeholders working to reduce food waste.

And wait until you see and read about the Sidewalk Butler, which picks up those annoying cigarette butts. These filters are composed of tiny plastic fibers and do not biodegrade. Additionally, butts contain hundreds of toxic chemicals that studies have shown to be toxic to aquatic creatures even in very low dosages. Mainer Mike Roylos invented the Sidewalk Butler, which has taken the world by storm.


And you will most certainly want to participate in Maine Gleaning Day, scheduled for October 14.

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