These 90 second Nature Moments are fascinating

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Nat Wheelwright has started a fascinating series of 90 second videos titled “Nature Moments.” Nat is a Natural Science Professor at Bowdoin College and a Maine Audubon Trustee. His videos are posted on Maine Audubon’s website.

I was particularly intrigued by his video of the amazing and beautiful plants that took root after he stopped mowing his lawn. Yup, no more lawn mowing!

Here’s how they described this: “Mowing lawns costs time, burns fossil fuels, and produces a biological desert. When Nat let his grass grow, three dozen flower species appeared, attracting a diversity of insects that fed birds in this backyard.”

Linda and I are avid birders, but I’m not sure she’s going to like the idea of not mowing the lawn!

Nat has also written a book, in partnership with Bernd Heinrich, titled The Naturalist’s Notebook. It’s an observation guide and 5-year calendar-journal for tracking changes in the natural world around you. I hope to get a copy soon to read and write about.

You can access Nat’s 90 second Nature Moments here.

PHOTO by Pam Wells.



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