Got deer meat? Kate Gooding needs some.

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 If you don’t have Kate Krukowski Gooding’s wild game cookbooks, put them on your Christmas wish list. Kate is an amazing cook, and once cooked a fantastic wild game stew on my TV show Wildfire. Everyone in the building flocked to the studio to eat a bowl of that delicious stew.

Not long ago Kate was on Bill Greene’s TV show, making Black Fly Stew. And she put blackflies in it! Bill claimed they were tasty, but I doubt it!

Linda and I recently attended the Maine Harvest Festival in Bangor, where Kate’s stage show about wild game cooking was very entertaining, and the Scorpion Moose Sausage Stew that she cooked on stage and served to all of us was very tasty. The really good news is that next April, at the State of Maine Sportsman’s Show, she’ll be selling that scorpion hot sauce.

Kate recently asked for my help in rounding up some venison for her. This winter she is working on new venison recipes, plus she needs lots of venison to serve at the Sportsman’s Show.


If you can provide her with some venison, please email her at, or call her at 207-460-8884. You should also check out her website:



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