Anglers break more laws than hunters

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In the 8-year period 2007 – 2015, Maine game wardens gave more citations to anglers than to hunters. Anglers received a total of 4,192 citations while hunters received 2,869.


More than half of the citations given to anglers were for fishing without a license. Here is how the citations broke out:


2,338          Fishing without a valid license


786             Fishing violation – number, amount, weight or size


573             Use of bait in artificial lure only water


255             Unattended lines (ice fishing)


240             Possessing fish in violation 


It is particularly alarming to learn that so many anglers are using live bait in waters where that is illegal. That is just how so many of our native fisheries have been damaged by competing species.


Hunting citations broke out this way:


687   Loaded firearms or crossbow in motor vehicle


358   Placing bait to entice deer


346   Hunting from stand or blind over deer bait


244   Night hunting


218   Hunting with firearms or crossbow without hunter orange


208   Using artificial light to illuminate wild animals


184   Illegal placing of bear bait


162   Hunting without a valid license


158   Fraudulently obtaining a hunting license or permit


153   Driving deer


151   Discharging firearm or crossbow near dwelling


I hope all hunters are aware of the controversial change in the baiting law, which now takes your hunting license for life for a second baiting conviction.


In addition to these hunting and fishing citations and the ones handed out to ATV riders, snowmobilers, and boaters, reported in my last outdoor news column, the only other violations that got 150 or more citations in this 8-year period were these:


528   Possession of marijuana


431   Littering


425   Possession of marijuana


203   Sale and use of drug paraphernalia


Yes, game wardens are often involved in law enforcement issues well beyond our favorite outdoor pursuits (assuming one of your favorite outdoor pursuits is not smoking marijuana).


And I do want to especially thank our game wardens who are out there writing up road slobs who trash our woodlots and roadsides.






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