We've put out the Wildfire

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 Our TV show Wildfire has been dashed. Simply put, it was fun but too much work for my cohost James Cote and me. Our last show aired in mid-December and featured Tom Brennan of Poland Spring Bottling Company.

For 13 years I cohosted Wildfire with my friend Harry Vanderweide, and it was a great experience, with a large audience. The show gave us an opportunity to explore key outdoor issues and present lots of people doing great things for our state.

But when Harry came down with Lyme disease, Wildfire left the air. Three years later, with Harry’s blessing, I invited James Cote to join me as cohost and bring Wildlife back to the air.

The show aired on Time Warner channel 9 and was also available online at www.vstv.me. We had some great guests, including Kate Krukowski Gooding who cooked up a special Black Fly Stew featuring bear, moose, and beaver meat during the show. Delicious!

We covered lots of important issues, including the new big game management plans and legislative bills proposed for the 2017 session.

You can still watch those shows at www.vstv.me.

While James and I enjoyed the shows, it was too much of a time burden to raise the money to pay for production and airing, and to recruit the guests and plan the shows.

I already miss the show but know it was the right decision. 

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