Brian Deese tells it like it is on climate change and energy

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                    Brian Deese knows climate change, conservation, and energy policies. I found his recent speech in Portland to be fascinating.

          The event was sponsored by Maine Conservation Voters, and is the place I received the Harrison Richardson Environmental Leadership Award. It was a big crowd, nearly 500 people, and Brian was the keynote speaker.

          Brian was President Barack Obama’s senior advisor on climate, conservation, and energy policies. His speech was both inspiring and educational.

          “More than at any time in history, we have reason to be optimistic,” he told us. In India, new solar power projects are underbidding new coal plants. Car manufacturers in both China and Europe aim to have their fleets off fossil fuels in the next decade.

          “The next country that harnesses the power of renewable energy will be the next superpower,” he said.

          Please take a moment to read this article on Brian’s speech, which was printed in the Working Waterfront, the newsletter of the Island Institute. You can access that column here.

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