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How could you not love a book titled, Buzzed: Beer, Booze, & Coffee Brews?

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 How could you not love a book titled, Buzzed: Beer, Booze, & Coffee Brews? When Genevieve Morgan at Islandport Press in Yarmouth suggested to Erik Ofgang that he write a book about Maine beers, this first-time author knew he was blessed.

He’s also blessed with a wonderful wife, who allowed him to postpone their marriage so the two of them could spend 18 months traveling New England in search of the best coffee, spirits, and beer. Nothing like enjoying your honeymoon before your marriage!

As he began that epic journey (and don’t we all wish we could do that), Erick says, “I began to question the wisdom of limiting the scope of the book to breweries: Why not expand it to include the brewing world’s natural relatives?” Islandport liked the idea and helped turned this into a book that will be of interest to a much bigger audience.

The Sweet Life by Susan Poulin

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Ida LeClair’s new book (Oops, I mean Susan Poulin’s new book), The Sweet Life, published by Islandport Press in Yarmouth, is a humerous, insightful, and entertaining guide to love, marriage, and more.

It’s easy to get Susan and Ida mixed up. Susan is the real person. Ida is on her-stage character. And Ida is a character. The book features Ida’s (Susan’s) advice.

If you liked Susan’s earlier book, Finding Your Inner Moose, you will really love this one, filled with hilarious stories that demonstrate her very practical advice, much of it aimed at husbands (go figure).

Great shooting instructions and hunting stories in Brad Varney’s new book

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Brad Varney’s new book, Maine-ly Wing Shooting, is not only an exceptional how-to instructional guide, but also an entertaining read of stories. Brad is the best shooting instructor in the state. I can say that because he significantly improved my bird shooting success in a single lesson a few years ago.

I’ve enjoyed five pheasant hunting adventures in North Dakota with some of my Maine hunting buddies. The first time I went with them, it took me 23 shots to kill my three pheasants. Jim Robbins felt sorry for me and offered me one of his side-by-side shotguns, and the next day, I got my three pheasants with four shots. But my shooting continued to be erratic, so I did two things when I got home.

George Smith’s new book, Maine Sporting Camps, is a lollapalooza!

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 Many thanks to my friend Harry Vanderweide for this wonderful review of my new book, Maine Sporting Camps, published by Down East Books. Here is Harry's review.

This book celebrates Acadia’s Centennial with stunning photos

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 Stunning. Inspiring. Astonishing. Well, I really don’t have adjectives sufficient to describe the photos by Tom Blagden, Jr. in a new book, Acadia National Park – A Centennial Celebration.

Tom has been a professional nature photographer for 35 years, concentrating on Maine, South Carolina, and Costa Rica. I have honestly never seen photos this stunning. From gorgeous sunsets to an amazing photo of a herring gull chasing an osprey that has an alewife in its claws, I spent a lot of time savoring each photo.

Linda and I now have the book on the coffee table in our living room, where we flip the page each day to enjoy a different photograph. All of the photos were taken in and around Acadia National Park, and the book was published as part of the park’s 100th anniversary.

Third “Wildlife on the Move” kids’ book is exceptional

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a blandings turtlestory

These adventures of baby otters are very entertaining!

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Sammy, Swifty, and Newsome are baby otters, and their adventures – and hard lessons learned – are the subject of Otter Tales, a kid’s book written by Kathleen Morrissey.

Morrissey has written three other children’s books, Walter and Mike Get Their Own Fun Park Pool, Bunny Foodie Adventures, and The Lonely Noodle. I have not read any of those, but I’m going to get them to read to my granddaughter Ada, who will love Otter Tales.

Otter Tales is short enough to read in a single sitting or easily in two sittings. But knowing Ada, she won’t want me to stop reading!

That will be especially true when the sea lion shows up! And the story of the boys gathering and opening clam shells with a rock are very entertaining. I even learned how to find the tastiest urchins and abalone, although they may not be added to my shoreside lunch anytime soon!

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