Thermoil by Kevin Sheehan

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Kevin Sheehan’s book, Thermoil, published by North Country Press, is billed as “Selected Shorts by a Romantic Engineer.” After reading the book, I had to ask if it was fiction or fact. It was tough to tell.

Kevin said only one story is factual, and I’ll let you try and guess which one. They are all very real, and could easily have been factual. The back of the book tells you that it is a “collection of poems, nostalgic memories and short fiction.”

It is all of that, but be prepared for “turmoil, madness, and tragedy.” Some of the stories may even distress you. But they will all engage you, and you won’t want to stop reading.

I particularly liked the female character Witte, the wife of the main character, who tells these stories in the first person. Witte is indeed very witty. And there’s some real Maine dialogue here too.  And as you can tell from the title, there’s a lot about engines, something the main character adores.

What? You don’t know what a Thermoil is? Well, neither did I. But I do now!

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