First Cousin Once Removed by Delia Drake

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When I heard that Marti Brann had published a new novel, First Cousin Once Removed, I couldn’t wait to read and review it. I really enjoyed Marti’s first mystery novel, Distant Cousin.

Marti writes under the pen name Delia Drake, but these books are all Marti. As the biography at the back of her first book noted, Marti has a “vivid imagination that has entertained her family for years.” This Waldo County grandmother will keep you reading from page one to the final page, where you’ll finally learn “who done it.”

Marti’s new novel was published by North Country Press, and features some of the same characters found in her first novel, and like her first novel, there’s plenty of intrigue. You’ll need to pay close attention to keep all the characters in place, and figure out who might have committed that ugly murder in the town library. Yup, a lady is killed in the library.  But don’t worry, this novel won’t make the library a scary place for you!

I especially appreciate Marti’s good job of writing dialogue. That is not easy.

The principle character, Temple Mathieu, had a tough life, finally found love, then was kidnapped and hurt. I don’t want to say more than that, but trust me, you’ll find the plot to be gripping. And you won’t  want to put this novel down.  

At 122 pages, it is an easy and relatively quick read, and I actually read it twice before writing this review, because I wanted to be sure I understood the intricate plot and many characters.

Let’s hope Marti is now working on novel number three!

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