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 Kate Flora is prolific, a novelist whose books are full of suspense, great dialogue, and superb descriptions of her characters. And they are impossible to put down.

As I neared the end of Led Astray, Kate’s book published last October, I found myself breathing deeply, anxiously awaiting the climax.

I find it amazing that she has cranked out 15 books, including many award winning novels. She won the 2013 and 2015 Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction. She’s also written nonfiction true crime books, and another of my favorites, A Good Man with a Dog, which she co-wrote with retired Maine game warden Roger Guay.

Led Astray features one of my favorite police officers, Joe Burgess. Police officers are being shot, and Burgess is driven to find the shooters. I don’t want to give away the plot but Joe gets shot too, although it doesn’t put him down, and he doubles down on the investigation and search for the shooter, working around the clock, in pain from his wound. And there is a lot more to this intense plot.

Kate has studied police procedure and is great at giving us a good look at that in her books. Here’s a little bit of that: “There’s always a fear factor when you go into the unknown – a bar, a building, a home, or stop a car when you’re after someone with a known propensity for violence. Fear can make you vulnerable, you have to manage it. Channel it and it can give you a valuable edge.” Indeed.

I kind of had to channel my fear for Joe as I neared the end of the book.

There is a lot more to this intense plot. The book is available in paperback. Pick it up today. I guarantee you won’t put it down.

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