Sea Glass and the Lighthouse is an awesome kid’s book

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Kelly Brooks-Bay has written a story that every child will love. And OK, I loved it too.


Sea Glass and the Lighthouse, published by Maine Authors Publishing, includes wonderful illustrations by Lindsay Weirich, a Maine resident and media artist who has been published in dozens of art and craft magazines. She even has a YouTube channel called the Frugal Crafter and she teaches online painting classes.


Kelly’s story is about an island girl and boy who enjoy looking for sea glass. But on one of their outings they spot a wooden crate washed up on the shore. When they open it, they are astonished to find a little puppy inside.


The puppy becomes a rather large dog, super friendly, and it turns out to be a really smart dog too. I’m not going to tell you what the dog does at the end of the book that is so astonishing but it’s a great finish to a great story.


Kelly Brooks-Bay has been writing stories all of her life, using them in her work with students as a school counselor. She writes both online and in print publications. Check out her Facebook page as well as her  website,


And for sure, you are going to want to get a copy of Sea Glass and the Lighthouse for your children, your grandchildren, or maybe for yourself!








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