Wait ‘til you see this gorgeous sea glass!

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 Linda and I in joy searching for sea glass, which we have done from the beaches of Lubec and Campobello to the small beach in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy.

So we were very pleased to discover a new book, Sea Glass – Rare and Wonderful by C.S. Lambert, with beautiful photographs by Tina Lam.

Lambert, who lives in Owls Head, Maine, has written three best-selling books on sea glass and Lam is a photographer, sea glass collector, and jewelry maker who lives in Hong Kong. This book was published by DownEast Books, and includes amazing sea glass photos from all over the world, from a fragment of an Azuga beer bottle found in Athens, Greece, to a hand painted tile shard featuring a fish found in the River Thames in London.

In case you didn’t know, Count Dracula lived on a cliff near the Azuga beer brewery in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.

I was captivated by the photo of uranium glass pieces which glow under ultraviolet light. The photo depicts pieces found on beaches over all the world. And then there is the bottle labeled poison found in the California Canal.

And wait til you see the photo of the chalkware dog found in Rockport, Maine. And a candy container which looks like a Jeep was found in South Thomaston, Maine. Wish I’d found that those!

For sure, Linda and I will now have this book with us anytime were headed to the ocean.



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