The Summer of the Osprey by Elisabeth Ogilvie

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I love Elisabeth Ogilvie’s novels. And that’s a good thing because she wrote 46 books! Ogilvie grew up in the greater Boston area and lived in Maine from 1944 until her death in 2006. She will always be one of our most beloved writers. So we have to thank Down East Books for recently publishing a new paperback edition of Ogilvie’s novel, The Summer of the Osprey.

I’m pretty sure I had never read this one, although I have read many of Ogilvie’s wonderful novels. This story is set on Bennett’s island where a mysterious and wealthy man buys property, arrives with a very expensive lobster boat, and sneaks a beautiful young woman into his house.

The island is all a flutter about this and pretty soon suspense and intrigue become dominant. This alone would make a wonderful novel but Ogilvie fills the pages with all sorts of other stories of the lives of these island people.

The Sorensons, central characters in this as well as other Ogilvie novels, are a very entertaining family and that’s putting it mildly. Although this is a rather lengthy novel, 311 pages, I read it  in two days, eager to find out what happened. And I can’t give that away, but I will tell you it’s quite a climax.

 If you’ve never read an Elisabeth Ogilvie novel you are in for a real treat. And I guarantee when you finish this one you’ll be reaching for another one.

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