Do Seals Ever Burp or Fart?

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Well, yes they do! They also have a lot of fun, judging from the wonderful illustrations by Marjorie Leggitt in Fran Hodgkins new book, Do Seals Ever…?

Published by DownEast Books and designated a juvenile nonfiction book, I can tell you that adults will be just as entertained as kids by this book.

I’ve been through the book a half dozen times already, and will pass it on to my grandsons at Christmas (please don’t tell them).

There’s lots of interesting information in the book, such as the difference between seals and sea lions. Well, here’s a shortcut on that: just check the ears. Sea lions have visible ears, but most seals don’t.

And I’m sure you don’t know the difference between a manatee and a dugong. I sure didn’t! I especially enjoyed the photos of walruses. And having seen many Maine seals, I had no idea there is a seal that can grow to be 20 feet long and weigh up to 8,800 pounds. Yup, it’s appropriately called the elephant seal.

Fran Hodgkins is the author of Andre’ the Famous Harbor Seal and many more books. She lives in Rockport, Maine. Marjorie Leggitt teaches at the Denver Botanic Gardens and lives in Boulder, Colorado.


I got a big laugh – as will my grandsons – when I turned the page and saw a headline: Do Seal and Manatees burp and fart? Aha. They do! But don’t worry, there’s no photo of a farting seal or manatee.

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