I enjoyed a seafood feast in the north woods!

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          The Big Moose Inn just west of Millinocket, enroute to Baxter Park, is an amazing place with two campgrounds, plus lovely cabins and comfy rooms at the Inn, just upstairs from their pub and Fredericka’s restaurant. We love historical places and this place got started 165 years ago. History still hangs here on the walls.

          The current owners have been here for 40 years, and now include their grandchildren in the management team. Linda was threatening to sit in the pub by herself, because that’s the menu that appealed to her, while I preferred Fredericka’s menu. Fortunately, no matter where you sit, you may order for either menu.

          The pub was packed on this Thursday night, with folks enjoying the live music, so we chose the quiet and very beautiful side room in Fredericka’s. We were the first to be seated there, but very quickly all four tables were filled, all with first time diners here. Elegant doesn’t begin to describe this beautiful room.

          Our server Felicia, has worked here for seven years, and was super friendly and very helpful. I took her advice and enjoyed the crab cake for an appetizer, which she said was one of the chef’s specialties. The menu described it as fresh Maine crab with cannellini beans and bacon ragout with wasabi aioli ($12) and it was just as tasty as that sounds, one of the best crab cakes I’ve ever had. And my Geaghan’s Irish Red beer ($8 for 22 ounces) went very well with the dish.

          When Felicia recommended the Seafood Casserole ($24) for an entree, I really got a kick out of having a seafood feast in the north woods, something you might not expect. This is described as a “traditional dish here,” with haddock, lobster, shrimp, and scallops served in a creamy white wine vegetable sauce. It came with a salad and a cinnamon-swirl mini-loaf of bread served warm, along with peapods, carrots, a tasty salsa, and mashed potatoes.

          As Linda noted with a smile, “You ordered the two most expensive things and have a huge beer!” Well, yes, all in order to give you a good report on the dining experience here. Linda warned me not to eat too much before my casserole arrived, but the crabcake was sooo delicious that I ate it all, making it impossible to eat more than half of the casserole, chock full of seafood.

          But we were on our way to camp, an hour north of the inn, and boy, did that casserole make a fine lunch the next day! Debbi, who grew up with Lori, one of the owners, gave us a tour of the inn and cabins, and now we know why this place is so busy when we drive by on our way to camp. The rooms and cabins are beautiful. And we won’t be driving by the pub and restaurant enroute to camp in the future. This is now a must-stop-and-eat place for us!

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