Coplin Dinner House in Stratton is a wonderful restaurant

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            It has been three years since our last visit to the Coplin Dinner House in Stratton. Tony Rossi and Heidi Donovan are hard-working people well suited to the restaurant business. Tony is the chef and Heidi manages the bar area and does the drinks.

            They have transformed this wonderful old house into a gracious dining spot. White table cloths, fresh flowers, comfortable chairs found in an old bar in New Hampshire, and stunning photographs by John Orcutt all add to the ambiance. 

            We were happy to have Steve White as our server once again. We caught up and he entertained us with stories throughout our meal. The service is always friendly and attentive here. 

            The only tough part of coming to the Coplin Dinner House is narrowing down what to order. There were many appetizers which sounded great, but the soups and salads here are terrific too. I ordered Broccoli and Asparagus Soup ($11). It was a delicious, warm, creamy concoction, laced with herbs and topped with thyme croutons.            

            When Heidi stopped by she told us that they had recently had this very soup at their house for dinner. Her 4 year old daughter exclaimed, “"Daddy, You’re a good souper!” Yes indeed Tony, you are a super souper.

            They serve a great version of warm crusty bread here too and I had to restrain myself from eating more than one serving. When I looked through the menu I noticed several Asian style dishes. I was torn between the Red Curry, a spicy vegetarian option, and Vindaloo Chicken. I opted for the Vindaloo ($25) because Steve told me that the curry was spicier.

            My plate of food was large including a chicken leg and attached thigh meat. It had been marinated in vindaloo spice and yogurt and slow-cooked so tender that there was no need of a knife. The tomato based sauce was packed with flavor but not too spicy for me. The toppings of cilantro and cashews made it very Indian. With a serving of jasmine rice and a side of herbed zucchini, one couldn’t possibly be hungry after this dish. In fact, it looked like I had hardly started when I was done. 

            Though the desserts sounded good, I just couldn’t eat anything more. Heidi told us they had just entered the slower season, when Sugarloaf is wrapping up and before summer guests arrive. But the restaurant had many full tables and customers eating in the bar area as well. 


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