Let's Do Lunch! In Portland, Bangor, Camden, and Belfast

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 Linda – Chase’s Daily


            We were in Belfast recently for our grandson Addi’s champion basketball game. As we were leaving the game we started the conversation of where to go for lunch. We were staying in Rockland that weekend, so there were lots of amazing lunch spots to choose from.

            It was a little early to eat, but I lobbied for Chase’s Daily, because that is the first thing I think of when Belfast is mentioned. Yes, the food there really is that good. It didn’t take long to sway George to my way of thinking.

            That day’s menu offered Beer and Cheddar Cheese Soup, and my that sounded so good on a freezing cold day. I ordered a large bowl knowing that George would certainly want some. Holy Moly, that soup was incredible! It was nice and creamy and delivered a lovely note of beer flavor. It came with grilled bread which was also great because they bake their breads right here.

            George couldn’t remember which sandwich he had here on our last visit, but we both remembered it had a kick of heat. Our friendly server steered us toward the Bahn Mi. One bite and we knew this was indeed the dish we remembered. 

            Now I couldn’t quite believe it when George asked me what the meat was in the sandwich. Chase’s Daily is a vegetarian restaurant, and he’d forgotten! This alone is testament to what incredibly delicious food they create here. 

            So I asked for a second bowl and shared my soup while he gave me half of his sandwich. We were both very happy.


Linda - Long Grain


            We love any excuse to get to Long Grain Restaurant in Camden, our favorite Maine Thai restaurant. So how lucky are we that grandson Vishal’s school is within walking distance? After a mid-week Christmas Concert, we started V’s Christmas break by going to Long Grain for lunch. 

            Vishal is an adventurous eater and is always ready to eat, so lunch at Long Grain has us all excited. I know what I am ordering before I go, (as does V’s Mom Rebekah and George). We’ve all discovered favorite dishes that keep drawing us back.

            We began our feast by splitting an order of steamed dumplings with a soy ginger sauce. They were divine. V manages to make his disappear in record time, not slowed the least by using chopsticks.

            My favorite dish is Chinese Yellow Noodles with Roasted Pork ($12). It is a combination of Chinese sausage, scallions, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms in addition to the finely cut noodles and pork. I love the sweetness of the Chinese sausage in this dish.

            Vishal is very curious about my dish and orders the same thing. He dove right in and hardly came up for a breath. When I asked him what he thought, he gave me a thumbs up but did not stop eating.

            George orders Kimchi and Pork Belly with Rice Noodles every time, and it too is so good. Rebekah has fallen in love with Pad Thai here and orders it again this trip. But she tells me that she sometimes orders “"my dish” here.

            Get a reservation if you can, because this is a tiny (30 seats) place. But even if you have to wait for a table, it’s worth it!


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