Black and Tan is a great new pub in Augusta

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            From the beautiful and historic booths, salvaged from a southern Maine church, to the wonderful Irish food, Augusta’s Black and Tan has fast become a very popular place since opening last June. Located just above Water Street, Stacey and Chris Shaw’s restaurant was recommended to us by our friends Rocko and Robin Graziano, who accompanied us to dinner there.

            Chris is an Augusta police sergeant of Scottish ancestry, while Stacey, with an Irish heritage, is the cook and manager of the restaurant. I noted customers that night from the President of the University of Maine at Augusta to a family with two little boys. Yes, this is a family friendly place with a kid’s menu.

            Stacey worked at a Readfield restaurant for two years and brings lots of friendly enthusiasm and cooking creativity to this place. Paul, the bartender who served us that night, is also very friendly. He told us an amazing story about his Mom, to explain why he was wearing a Yankees shirt. She’d gotten hit by a truck at age 12, and Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, and Yogi Berra all donated blood to help her recover. So we had to forgive him for being a Yankees fan.

            I stopped by for lunch the previous week and loved Stacey’s lamb stew, one of four specials that rotates on the menu. I sat at the long and beautiful bar made from a single piece of pine. They have a good selection of beer on tap and in bottles, with excellent selections from Ireland (of course!).

            For dinner, I ordered the Beef and Guinness Stout Pie ($12). It was packed with lots of chunks of beef, and the thick sauce was really tasty. Of course it would be, cooked in Guinness! And my bite of  Robin’s dish, that night’s Blackboard Special, Scottish Egg, sausage wrapped around an egg over mashed potatoes, bacon slices over the top, and covered in gravy, well, I asked Stacey to alert me whenever that is on the menu!

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