Terlingua, Texas comes to Portland, Maine

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                Sitting in Portland’s small restaurant called Terlingua, I close my eyes and remember sitting on the deck outside the Starlight Theater restaurant in Terlingua, Texas, watching the light of the setting sun rise up and over the mountains in our favorite national park, Big Bend.

                And I say thanks to Pliny Reynolds and his wife Melanie Kratovil for bringing Terlingua to our state. Pliny is an architect who worked in Austin, Texas, and Melanie’s grandparents owned Alisson’s restaurant in Kennebunkport. Their restaurant brings that Tex-Mex southwest cooking that Linda and I love almost to our doorstep. Well, Portland is a lot closer than Texas!

                We also must thank Rusty Atwood for alerting us to Terlingua, and for joining us there with his wife Sue. Although the restaurant is small (24 table seats and 6 at the bar) and was packed, no one rushed us and we lingered for 2 ½ hours, enjoying each and every course and catching up on family news.

                My appetizer of deviled eggs with a habanero sauce was divine, drizzled with chili oil and topped with shrimp.

                Our strategy was to share a couple of appetizers, and then each order a large portion of an entrée to share (you can also order small portions of many dishes).

                It was a great strategy, but I might have violated the rules by eating most of my entre, Red Chili, sharing only a spoonful each with Rusty, Sue, and Linda. Wow! Was it great! The bowl was stuffed full of smoked brisket – again taking me back to Texas – along with farmer’s cheese, onions, and a very tasty sauce. I even loved the house-made tortilla chips (and brought some home with my leftovers), light, puffy, not greasy, and not salty. The dish was a good match for my tasty Margarita.


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