Bombay Mahal has been our favorite Indian Restaurant for 20 years

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                We’ve been dining for 2 decades at our favorite Indian restaurant, Bombay Mahal in Brunswick. Raj and Bina Sharma opened their restaurant 25 years ago, and it’s now the oldest Indian restaurant in Maine (and we would also argue the best Indian restaurant in Maine).

            I could sit in this intimate place for hours, entranced by the low lights, music, art, and awesome food, starting with naan and ending with a delightful bowl of ice cream. I do have one tip for you: don’t fill up on appetizers and naan! Portions here are large, and we didn’t make a dent in our main courses on our visit two weeks ago.

            Raj came out of the kitchen twice to visit with us, and our server, Harish, Raj’s nephew who came here directly from India, regularly checked to make sure we were enjoying our meal. He always approached with a smile and thanked us as he moved on.

            Raj grew up in Punjab, India, and Bina in Mombassa, Kenya. They were in London for a while, but fell in love with Maine when visiting friends in New Hampshire. They are a very hard-working couple who have put all three of their boys through graduate school.

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