One of Maine's best restaurants is in Norway.

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            We are very lucky that Amy and Bret Baker chose Maine as the place to open their own restaurant, after an impressive career managing and cooking in restaurants in other states. They were flying to Vermont when a nearby passenger heard of their plans and urged them to visit Maine.

            They did, and ended up purchasing an historic home built in 1896 in Norway, a vibrant Maine community, creating one of our state’s best restaurants. And that is no exaggeration. Since opening six years ago, their business has grown every year.

            From the two gorgeous dining rooms, to Bret’s creative and tasty food, to Amy’s wonderful hospitality and service, once you’ve dined here, you’ll be eager to return. We dined here in January of 2013 and have been trying to return ever since. Finally, we made it!

            Amazingly, Bret does all of the cooking and Amy handles everything in the dining room. She also works during the day helping Bret with food preparation tasks. They have intentionally limited the restaurant to 24 seats in order to give guests the very best experiences.

            And boy, did we have that. We both enjoyed visiting with Amy, talking about everything from children and grandchildren to favorite Maine restaurants. You won’t find a friendlier person in any Maine restaurant.

            My appetizer of Lump Crab Cakes ($12) included a tasty cucumber salad, but it was the soft melt-in-your-mouth crab cakes, covered in an acidy and bright chili lime remoulade, that sent me to dining heaven. Yum!

            I guess I’m in a rut here, because I ordered the same entree I had four years ago, so happy it is still on the menu. The roast duck ($24) includes a crispy duck leg and a meaty filet with morello cherry demi, root vegetable gratinee, and greens.

            I would have purchased a large bag of the sweet potato spirals that decorated this colorful dish. How did Bret make those?! The sauce was nicely spiced and the portion was large, but I ate it all.


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