Kennebec Pizza is out of this World.

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The pizza is otherworldly, but I’ve always considered Brooklyn to be otherworldly. Steve Deptula owns a restaurant, brick oven pizza place, and microbrewery in Brooklyn. And now he’s brought his scrumptious pizzas to Hallowell, Maine. Steve says the pizza he’s serving in Hallowell is common “all over New York City.” I’ll take his word for it. I’m not going down there to check it out. I will be checking out the pizza on a regular basis at Steve’s Kennebec Pizza on Hallowell’s Main Street. It just may be the best pizza in Maine. Understanding that a photo is worth 1000 words, take a gander at the lead photo with this blog. It’s a Pizza Naplitano, prosciutto with provolone and mozzarella cheeses topped with fresh Romano tomatoes. It was as good as it looks. Steve makes his dough from “the world’s finest Italian flour,” double ground. It’s like no flour I’ve ever handled, very delicate and soft. He also makes his own pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese. He regularly offers five varieties of pizza and always has one special pizza. Jody James pulls a yummy Pizza Napolitano out of the beautiful brick oven.Gathered around a table with friends, we tried two others. The Red Hook Red offers roasted red peppers, pepperoni, and sun-dried tomatoes. I’ve always considered pepperoni essential to any pizza. So I was shocked when my favorite turned out to be the Quatro Formaggio, a four-cheese pizza featuring mozzarella, gruyere, gorgonzola, and fontina cheeses. Absolutely incredible. Steve’s Dad brought the family to Megunticook Lake in Camden on vacations, and he now has a place on Long Pond in Belgrade. Driving through Hallowell one day, he fell in love. “I was enchanted” with the city, he said. Soon, he bought a building on the city’s Main Street and filled it with a wine shop. When the wine business moved out two years later, he renovated the building and opened up Kennebec Pizza. His pizzas quickly became the talk of the city. He stays open to 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights, selling only slices to the “mobs” of patrons streaming out of Hallowell’s popular bars. Steve Deptula slices prociutto for his Pizza Napolitano.Although he sells many pizzas to go, I recommend taking the time to sit in Steve’s immaculate 20-seat restaurant, admiring the brick oven, savoring the smells. The pizza deserves to be eaten slowly with reverence. And there’s no need to imagine yourself in Brooklyn!

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