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          History is brought up to date at Medawisla, a sporting camp with a beautiful new lodge and cabins on Second Roach Pond, and great opportunities to hike and bike, canoe and kayak, swim, fish, experience the north woods, and enjoy wonderful meals in the lodge.

          Linda and I called it our “books and birds” get-a-way as we spotted an astonishing array of birds, and relaxed on our cabin’s porch, reading. It is so peaceful here.

          The Appalachian Mountain Club has restored three historic sporting camps on their 70,000 acres northeast of Greenville. After operating Medawisla for several years, they determined that the old cabins and lodge could not be restored, so they spent $6 million building their magnificent new lodge, two bunkhouses, and ten cabins, some of which have kitchens if you want to prepare your own meals.

          But I can’t imagine why you’d want to, because Chefs Nathan and Brian prepare very tasty meals for breakfast and dinner, and pack lunches for their guests so you can eat in your cabin, on the trail, or at the many water-front picnic tables spread throughout the beautiful grounds.

          Several of the cabins and the lodge are handicapped accessible. The camps had only been open for two weeks, but people from all over the country were already finding their way here. One guest from Florida was spending two weeks enjoying all three of AMC’s camps.

          We got a very friendly welcome from manager Sarah and her assistant Brandon, carted our gear into our cabin, and returned to our vehicle to discover we had a flat tire. When I told Sarah, she quickly responded that she and Nathan were going to Greenville the next day and they’d try to get the tire patched.

          And they did, for just $15. I expected that tire to be placed next to our Subaru, so I could put it on, but the next morning, I was astonished to find Nathan putting the tire on for us. Now that’s a great chef!

          We enjoyed a two hour easy hike to the other side of Second Roach Pond, and an invigorating paddle in a 2-person kayak, where Linda paddled me around the pond. She didn’t know she was doing that, because she sat up front and couldn’t see that I didn’t do much paddling!

          We came out of the lodge after breakfast the first morning and found fresh moose tracks where a moose had walked right by the lodge while we were eating. Several guests saw moose during their visits here. One lady from away said the bull moose she saw was so huge it frightened her!

          Medawisla is open year-round and is only about a 45 minute drive into the woods north of Greenville. We can’t wait to return next winter to enjoy snowshoeing here.

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