+ GeorgeSmithMaine.com

The source for in-depth and timely news, information, and analysis about outdoor issues, Maine travel, and more. This website offers access to all of George Smith’s columns, blogs, including:

+ George’s Outdoor News

George’s blog about outdoor issues of interest and concern to sportsmen, conservationists, environmentalists, and all Mainers. In 2014 the Maine Press Association recognized George’s Outdoor News as the best sports blog in the state.

+ Travelin’ Maine(rs)

Since January of 2010, George and Linda Smith have traveled the state, writing a weekly column about their favorite inns, restaurants, and events.

+ Best of Maine

In this section, you can select a city or town, hit apply, and read all the travel columns George and Linda have written about places and events in that city or town.

+ Book Reviews

George’s book reviews focus on books about Maine and/or written by Maine authors, along with books about fisheries, wildlife, and birds.

+ Maine Stream

George has written this column every week for 26 years. It is published every Wednesday on the editorial page of the Kennebec Journal and Waterville Morning Sentinel, and covers a very wide array of issues and interests.

+ Sportsmen Say Survey

George gives you a chance to express your opinions on key issues in this survey, dedicated to longtime outdoor writer Gene Letourneau. George shares your opinions with outdoor leaders, DIF&W staff, and legislators, and often includes the survey results in his Outdoor News.

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